What are the primary uses of a portable building in East Texas?

Portable buildings, both wood and metal, serve a wide variety of uses. From carports to storage sheds, clubhouses and tiny homes, high-quality portable buildings are some of the most versatile structures you can add to your property.

Where are you located?

Our base of operations is located in Canton, Texas on the I-20 South Access Road.

Do you offer free delivery and setup?

We provide free delivery and setup to all customers within a 50-mile radius of Canton, Texas.

Do I need to do anything to get ready for delivery?

Yes, you will have to supply the foundation blocks (concrete blocks) to set the building on. Your delivery driver will inform you in advance of the quantity needed for your style building. Please have them on location when the building arrives.

Where are your portable buildings manufactured?

W5 Portable Buildings is a distributor of Graceland Portable Buildings and Eagle Carports. We firmly believe that these manufacturers represent the best of the best when it comes to quality materials, design, and construction.

How long does it take to get my portable building?

The W5 Portable Buildings crew moves a lot faster than most. We regularly deliver metal and wood buildings to our customers in the Smith County and Van Zandt County area within 10 working days, as opposed to the often 4 to 6-week timeframe of our competition. If the building purchased must be manufactured first, it will be 14-21 business days. Weather conditions and seasonal demands can alter delivery times.

Can I put more down and make my payments smaller each month?

Yes, you can put down as much as you like. The monthly payments are based on the remaining balance.

Do I need credit?

No, we do not check your credit – all you need is a down payment to get started.

Is the Rent to Own plan available on all of your buildings?

All of our standard deliverable buildings can be purchased rent-to-own. Special orders may require a cash purchase, although we do accommodate a high degree of custom orders through the addition of many available options on our rent-to-own buildings.

Do you sell tiny homes?

All of the wood and metal portable buildings we sell our customers in East Texas are designed with tiny home conversion in mind. They are genuinely home-quality, allowing for complete interior and exterior customization for long-term living.

Is there a warranty on your buildings?

Graceland offers the strongest warranties in the business. All shingle and metal roof products have a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty. All treated wood products have a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty, and Graceland offers a 7-year warranty on workmanship.

What kind of permits or other paperwork will I need?

Requirements pertaining to zoning, permits, setbacks, and covenants vary from municipality to municipality. Therefore, you will need to contact your local government agencies to find out what you will need. If you live in a community that is part of a homeowners association, be sure to find out what rules and regulations they have concerning storage buildings.

What sort of maintenance should I expect to perform on my portable building?

We use treated materials, but with any wood products, routine maintenance is suggested to extend the life of your wooden structure. Our wood products are backed with a manufacturer’s limited lifetime warranty.

What if the building doesn’t fit through my gate?

You are responsible for granting clear access to the delivery location. If part of a fence or gate has to be removed, Graceland is not responsible for repairing or replacing fences, gates, trees, bushes, shrubs, etc.

Have more questions about our portable building sales in the Canton, Tyler, Mabank, or Lindale, TX area? Contact the team at W5 Portable Buildings today to learn more.